Reclaimed Boat Wood Furniture

BENCH 112 2 SEATER 49X26X35Tattered and aged furniture is quite trendy these days, so why not go for the real thing? Our new line of reclaimed boat wood furniture is just that. It’s furniture made from the old fishing boats of Bali. The Teak , and Ironwood lumber used to make these beautiful Pieces is some of the hardest wood known to the world, and all came from the re-use of what was once the lifeblood of the fishermen who relied on fishing boats to support their families in Bali. Imagine theĀ  adventures those boats have been on, and now you can share in the adventure by adding one of these Boat wood Furniture pieces to your favorite room. View our Re-Claimed Boat Wood Furniture.


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  1. I need a termite resistant cabinet, preferably teak or Reclaimed boat wood, that is 31″-33″ high and 24″-30″ wide to use as a vessel vanity in an outdoor bathroom. I need it by November 5. Do you have anything like this? (Hi Liz!)


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